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Y’all! I live in Fort Worth, TX and it gets so incredibly hot here. Summer is the best time of year to be out and about but everyone needs to keep in mind that warm weather can be dangerous. It’s hard for us dogs to keep cool when the sun is beating down since we don’t sweat. Here are a summer safety tips to help keep your little yorkie safe this summer.

1. Never, ever, EVER leave your dog in a hot car
2. Make sure your dog is protected from parasites like fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes
3. Keep your dog’s paws cool
4. Your dog should always have access to fresh drinking water and shade
5. Give your dog his very own “kiddy pool”
6. Don’t assume your dog can swim well
7. Dogs get sunburns too!
8. If there’s no fence, keep your dog on a leash
9. Watch your dog’s weight
10. Keep your windows screened!

Here’s a fun little look back at my first swimming lesson!

When you are going to be walking your furry friend, just keep in mind that the pavement can get really hot. Here are a few common sense suggestions for walking pup on hot days.

  • If you can, walk earlier in the morning or later in the evening to avoid the windows of time where the pavement can get too hot and temperatures become a problem.
  • Don’t over commit on hot days. Every block you and your dog move forward is a block you have to walk back. It may be best to stay close to home and work in circles so you aren’t ever too far from the end of the walk.
  • Walk a path with shade and grass along the way so you can take breaks when needed. Check the ground with your hand now and then to test the temperature and detour as needed.
  • Hydration is important for dogs and humans so carry water for both on those longer walks. Remember, dogs don’t sweat like humans do -they will pant to cool themselves down. When you see that panting begin (and before it gets to be too excessive) take a water break and find some shade.
  • Most importantly, pay attention to your dog.  Watch for excessive panting or signs that their paws are getting tender. Also, check their pads occasionally, especially dogs that have a high threshold for pain like many working breeds do.

For more tips and tricks to keeping your pooch cool this summer, visit our friends at the Pet Health Network!