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chloe the yorkie small dog

Many of the most popular dogs in the United States are small dog breeds. As more and more people move to where there are jobs and live an urban lifestyle, they often find it more convenient to choose a smaller pet able to adapt to city life.

Small dogs are generally very good at living in apartments since they usually require less exercise than larger dogs. Most small dogs can have their exercise needs met with a good daily walk.

It usually costs less to care for a small dog breed because they require less food than a larger dog. Their veterinary care is also usually less costly than a large dog’s veterinary care. Spaying and neutering, for example, or any kind of surgery, will cost much less for a small dog.

chloe the yorkie small dogOn average, most small dogs live longer than large dogs, too. It’s not unusual for dogs of many small breeds to live between 12-15 years, or longer!
Traveling is also easier with a small dog breed than with larger dogs since small dogs can often fly in-cabin with you if you travel by plane.

Small dogs are also accepted at many more hotels and motels than larger dogs. Many hotels and motels won’t accept dogs that weigh more than 20-30 pounds.